welcome to SESHH

sEshh - session

'a period of time or meeting arranged for a particular activity.'

- The Oxford Dictionary.


Obviously the main aim of the game is to build the sEshh mobile app. This app is going to change the way people live, period. The only app anyone will need post-covid. Join the team to find out more.


So in an ideal world we'd be sending out lists of events in the UK's hot spots every month but we've had to stop until this global pandemic blows over. Check out the other guides for the craic.


To help fund the app and spread the word, we've knocked up some decent designs to browse in our online store. They take a bit longer to print due to new restrictions but it's well worth the wait.


We we're going to go big on the edits and skits this year with different bits of content but we've put it all on hold whilst we ride this wave. Tap the button below and we'll let you know when to tune in!

our PLAN

COVID-19 has slowed things down a bit but the plan is still in full swing! We still plan on releasing the sEshh app in 2020, hopefully we’ll start to get on top of the rona over the next few months and start relaxing the rules on events. We’re aiming to get all our users exclusive access to all NYE events happening this year through the app so make sure you sign up and check your inbox! If you want to know more about the app, get exclusive downloads of the features and get involved with the giveaways then hit the button above and subscribe.

sEshh Camper

This year has been extremely tough for everyone in the events industry, from organisers all the way through to bar staff. These people need your help more than ever! Luckily, an amazing group of individuals have banded together to form the #WEMAKEEVENTS campaign. This campaign is an international movement sharing awareness and understanding by outlining all of the threats and issues faced by the industry. Hit the image above to find out more!