welcome to SESHH

sEshh - session

'a period of time or meeting arranged for a particular activity.'

- The Oxford Dictionary.


We're working on getting some decent mobile apps out soon for sharing, joining, promoting and following sEshhs globally.


Every month we send out a FREE guide highlighting the top 3 events in popular UK sEshh locations. Sign up for free today.


Check out the store and have a look through our new additions. We'll soon be dropping some fresh new designs.


As well as all that sh*t, we're also looking into starting up a youtube channel and posting some crazy ass sEshh edits.

the future is near

The sEshh App is a new social media platform currently under development due to be released mid 2020. It uses social media as a doorway into peoples lives to inspire them to get more involved with the physical side of socialising rather than staring at their screens all day. Users can post, like, comment, join and follow sEshhs, compete against other users on the sEshh Score boards and even buy/sell tickets to promoted sEshhs across the globe. It’s time for a new movement in event promotion and social media. It’s time for sEshh.

our PLAN

We intend to release the app near the middle of 2020, this gives us time to prepare for the height of the UK festival season. We will use the money raised from the app and our store to fund the building of sEshh HQ and get the ball rolling on hosting major sEshh events all over the world.  It’s time for people to spend less time socialising online. It’s time for people to put down their phones and pick up a beer. It’s time for sEshh.

sEshh Camper